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5 Things Guys Do on Social Media That Women Hate

Things Guys Do on Social Media That Women Hate

Here are a few things that guys tend to do on social media that for some reasons, women hate.

  1. When guys flex too much. Every guy tries to be bigger and better and they train for themselves by going to the gym, not to impress anyone especially women. It is not a bad thing but it can be bad when guys flex too much of their muscles and share it on their social media. Women love it if guys know how to take care of themselves, however sometimes the gym rats can be so much bulkier and they think they look good with all the muscles when in reality they might appear ridiculous to some women. Just don’t flex too much on social media, please. We get it, you go to the gym.
  2. When guys share lengthy rants. Sometimes, we understand that social media especially Twitter is a place for you to share things with your friends and followers. It can be an annoying thing when guys whine too much and they complaint a lot because nobody wants to read your 5 paragraphs rants and complaints. It is okay to complaint on social media once in a while but don’t be so negative and just keep it to yourself or talk to someone in real life if you really need someone to comfort you. It is such a turn off for women.
  3. Too many selfies. Maybe you love yourself too much but believe it or not, women hate that. Women really cannot stand when guys post too many selfies on their social media. Especially if you put some inspirational quotes as the caption. We know you want to motivate or inspire people but don’t put it with your selfie. It does not make sense.
  4.  Tweet about sports event. Women just hate it when they are scrolling the timeline and all they see is some guys live-tweeting a sports event. Sometimes you get too excited but you don’t realise you are being excessive with the live-tweeting. Guys hate it when women do the same for their favourite shows but they do the same when it comes to sports. Right guys?
  5.  Boasting. When guys boast about their accomplishment and how successful they are on social media acting like they are the big deal. Moreover, if you have a girlfriend and you share the news on social media without telling her first, that is the worst.