Best Casino Restaurants

12 Best Casino Restaurants in Atlantic City

Casino is one of the places where most of people going there to have fun such as the newtown casino and at the same time trying out their luck. But then, when they have too much fun, you need to go somewhere else to look for food to eat right?

What if I tell you that they are restaurant with the casino concept?

Interesting right?

Here are the 12 top restaurant with the casino concept:

1. Atlantic City Hilton – The Oaks

Many people love this restaurant from Atlantic City. If you’re craving for some seafood and steak, this is the restaurant for you.

2. Atlantic City Hilton – Peregrine’s

This amazing gourmet restaurant features various a la carte menus. It is a small room—its interiors are styled like an Upper East Side restaurant.
Best Casino Restaurants

3. Bally’s Park Place – Pickles

Pickles is noisy and crowded—exactly how a deli restaurant should be. It is a favorite in Atlantic City when it comes to Jewish cuisine.

4. Trump Marina – Portofino

Just like Harbor View, this restaurant offers a magnificent view of the Atlantic City and Frank S. Farley Marina skyline. It’s one of the most famous Italian restaurants in the area.

5. Bally’s Park Place – Prime Place

Prime Place is not the most beautiful restaurant at the Boardwalk. But, it takes pride on having a diverse menu. Are you craving for barbequed short ribs and smoked brisket? Then, make sure to visit this food place.

6. Tropicana – Avanti

Avanti is one of the area’s newest restaurants. It offers Southern Italian cuisine exclusively, and its dishes are determined by region. Nowhere in the city will you find anchovies and mushrooms baked in parchment papers.

7. Sands – Bokoo Grille

The food at Bokoo Grille is, no doubt, brilliant. Its Thai chicken salad wraps come with red onions and vinegar. This restaurant takes pride in offering creative and progressive dishes.

8. Sands – Brighton Steakhouse

The Brighton’s whole new look is trendy and streamlined, just like those upscale Manhattan restaurants. It has Deco, mellow lighting, gorgeous wood patterns and mini walls for privacy.
Best Casino Restaurants

9. Harrah’s Atlantic City – The Deli

This restaurant has an urban theme you would surely love to experience. As time passes, it gets better and better. The Deli has 166 seats, and features a traditional menu of matzo balls and chicken soups.

10. Trump Taj Mahal – Dynasty

Dynasty’s menu provides a vast selection of Cantonese cuisine interpretations, from the classic beef and chicken to duck and fried rice dishes. There is also a sushi bar offering a wide range of maki rolls and fresh fish.

11. Harrah’s Atlantic City – Florentino’s

Florentino’s has a high-energy kitchen at the center of its location—the stage of an amazing culinary performance. Expect lots of kitchen noise and leaping flames when you eat at this Italian restaurant.

12. Trump Marina – Harbor View

Aside from good seafood, this restaurant provides an amazing view of the Frank S. Farley Marina. You’ll see lots of fishing boats and pelicans! This panoramic view alone will make your experience very special.