Meta Description 101

If you really want your business website to thrive in the digital landscape, you must take content creation seriously. This can be a bit challenging for beginners. Just in case you go through some difficulties, it’s possible to hire a reputable SEO service provider in Malaysia to help you out.

One of the smallest, yet most significant details you should focus on are meta descriptions. Meta descriptions are those brief snippets that you can see underneath a website’s title in Google’s organic results.

Meta descriptions are essential for 2 reasons:

  • Since Google measures click-through rates, they can enhance your rankings indirectly by improving your organic CTR.
  • They help encourage people to click on the results in the organic listings.

How can you come up with a good meta description?

Many professionals believe that using all 160 characters intended for meta descriptions, just don’t obsess over it. Focus on the following:

  • See to it that your descriptions perfectly your content. Never trick users into clicking your links.
  • Remember, meta descriptions can be truncated when shown in search. Thus, use the first 120 characters to communicate the most crucial part of your message.
  • Make sure that each page on your website has a unique meta description. It’s wrong to use the same exact description on multiple pages.
  • Stick to your brand tone and voice, and at the same time keep your meta description conversational.
  • Include the primary keyword naturally.
  • See to it that you are able to convey great value to the reader instantly.
  • Include compelling call-to-actions.
  • Write your meta description in active voice.