The Relation between Cement and Concrete

Calcium and silica-rich are materials that are used to make cement. The silica-rich in which materials are limestone and clay. The reason why cement is known as a binding agent is its adhesive property. Cement is used as a cement binder in the construction of the buildings or houses.. The terms cement and concrete are wildly confused with each other but these two terms are used interchangeably and different from each other. Cement is available in the market in powder form and it is mixed with water to form a paste, then this paste is mixed with other aggregates like gravel and sand to make the final product that is called concrete. Concrete admixtures and concrete additives are also added to concrete to increase its workability and durability. Cement itself is never used alone but it is a component of concrete and works as a binder for concrete.

The materials that are used for the manufacturing of cement are limestone, clay, shell, and silica sand with the most prevalent ingredient, limestone. All these materials are crushed in the first step and then in a second step there combined with other ingredients in which iron ore is included. In the third step, this mixture is heated and results in the form of clinker, the clinker is then ground into a fine powder form, this powder of clinker is then mixed with other ingredients to form various cementitious building materials, including mortar and concrete. Concrete is the most popular construction material to be used in the buildings and is mainly composed of three components which are cement, sand, and gravel. The reason for its popularity is its quality of strength, reflectivity, and others as well.


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The final material that is used as a building material for the foundation walls and other masonry structures, is concrete. There is a unique nature of concrete because in the start it is in a simple and dry mixture form then when we mixed it with water it becomes a flexible and semi-liquid material out of which you can make any shape or size and then, in the end, it becomes dry hard-as-rock material. If someone wants to increase the strength of concrete then they should add metals such as wire mesh or rebar to it and this is done to minimize the risk of cracking that can occur in solid concrete. The better quality of concrete used in construction the minimum will be the risks of cracking in structures.