Top Things to Keep in Mind When You’re Gambling on Cruise Ships

Getting on a cruise ship is already an amazing experience in itself, add a live casino there and it would be twice the fun!
There are actually plenty of casinos that are placed on cruise ships and it actually is a pretty fun experience all throughout.
That being said, if you are going to book a cruise with your partner in tow and the ship happens to have a casino on it, you need to keep in mind these things that I am about to tell you.

Do Not Play the Slots

The slot machine is arguably the most cliché thing that you can find in the casino and it is actually present in any casino for that matter; including a casino cruise.
That being said, if you want to gamble and you want the best possible odds of winning, then I highly suggest that you do not play the slots. That is simply because it is one of those games that have the highest house edge. Even if you win, a considerable portion of that will be given to the casino anyway.
However, if you just want to get in on the whole casino experience, then go ahead and enjoy a couple of games.

The Location of the Slot Machine Matters

Everything in the casino is well planned out. The slot machine, in particular, is placed very carefully so as to draw a lot of attention to the casino.
You see, people want to see other people winning and if they see that the slot machines are providing them with the wins; it would entice other people to spend money.
Since you know that the placement matters, pay attention to the slots that are placed in the middle, as well as at the corners of the entire place since they are pretty much programmed to give you a better chance of winning.

Do Not Get Drunk

Most casinos on cruise ships provide all of their guests with free drinks, especially of the alcoholic variety. Now, you might think that it is generous of them to do so, but it is actually part of the strategy.
You see, the casino owners want their customers to enjoy their stay in the casino, as well as making sure that they’re spending money.
And, if experience has taught you anything, we have the weakest self-control when we are drunk, which translates into us making more bad decisions.
Now, this is not to say that you shouldn’t drink the cocktail that is given to you, but be mindful of your alcohol threshold. If you are already feeling tipsy, stop drinking for a while until you get your head back into the game.

Start with Minimum Bets

If you are planning to play one of the table games such as Poker or Blackjack, it would be best that you ‘test the waters’ by placing only the minimum bet. You can still win the jackpot with the smallest wager and the good thing is that if you lose, you are only losing a small portion of your gambling money.
However, this doesn’t apply if you plan to play the slots. It is better that you go big or go home.