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What is an Analog Watch?

Are you thinking of getting a classic timepiece that you can wear every day? There are tons of women’s and men’s watches in Malaysia that you can choose from, but when it comes to a versatile, classic and casual look, an analog watch is the best choice. An analog watch is one of the most popular types of watches. Hands move around its face as time progresses.

An analog watch is usually composed of a mechanism that makes the ticking sound and motion, and moves the hour, minute and second hands simultaneously. The watch dial is pertained as the “watch face.”

How exactly does it work?

An analog watch makes use of the quartz mechanism in order to tell the time. Quartz movement is reliable and precise. It relies on batteries to produce electricity, and pass the electricity to the quartz crystal inside. Since its mechanism requires less electric energy, quartz watch batteries can last a long time.

How different is it from a digital watch?

Analog watches have mechanical structures that rotate hands. Digital watches, on the other hand, function through electric structures to power the digit display. The biggest difference here is the display form. A digital watch displays the time through digits on a LED screen. Meanwhile, analog timepieces display the time through hands on its dial.

Digital watches display also display different time formats. Usually, they use the 24-hour format.
However, a lot of digital watch models already allow the user to choose their preferred format.
IN an analog timepiece, the 12-hour format is your only option.

While analog watches are the best for a classic look, many people prefer the versatility and sophistication of digital timepieces. Their screens display bright-colored numbers, and PM/AM display.

Analog watches are also called mechanical watches. Their mechanisms should be automatically or manually wounded to work. Today, more expensive analog watches already incorporate self- winding automatic movements.