What Jobs Can You Take with an Architecture Degree?

Architects actually do a lot of things. First, they would be required to create designs for structure builders to follow. Second, they would be required to oversee the entire building operations to ensure that their plans are followed to the tee.

The field of architecture would require architects to have creative abilities, good math skills, great spatial perception, and some knowledge with computer software, particularly in the use of computer-aided design or CAD.

Architects will usually stay in architecture firms and would typically have a small number of employees. Most of the work that is done by these firms typically range from public to private projects. The things that they will do will ultimately be based on the budget that is set by their clients.

Becoming one will actually require you to take an undergraduate course in architecture so that you can get a degree. After you get it, you will have a number of career choices to choose from. I will talk about some of them in this article.


Of course, a degree in architecture would help you become an architect in the future. Although some companies would only require a degree, there are some that would actually require their employees to get a master’s degree at that.

Before anyone can practice their profession, they must pass the architect registration exam to get a license.

As for their primary work objective, they are the ones responsible for the creation of the buildings that you see all around you. They can also do home renovations as well.

Architectural Managers

If you have the knack for architecture and also for managing people and projects, then being an architectural manager fits the bill.

You will typically need a degree in architecture, after which you will get either a masters of technology management, masters of engineering management, or a master’s in business administration management degrees in order for you to qualify as one. Also, you will be required to get a license and the requirements will vary per state or country.

Architectural managers are usually in charge of the research and development teams that will be working on new processes, products, or designs (or perhaps, improve upon existing schematics).

Landscape Architects

If you want to become a landscape architect, you will need to have a specific degree. You are either required to get a bachelor’s degree in landscape architecture or you can even pursue a master’s degree if you want as well.

Although this type of architect would still be required to get a license, if you are working for the federal government, you will no longer need to get one.

Landscape architects typically deal with the more creative side of things. Pursuing this job would mean that you will combine science, with design, art, and the great outdoors.

They handle outdoor structural projects, including (but not limited to) recreational areas, parks, restoration projects, public land development, highways, airports, and other commercial, urban, and residential structures.