Why Do We Need To Take Care Of Our Oceans?


Our oceans and everything in it is a gift to us. We have been taught from the beginning of our age to take care of our mother nature, for example, the forest and also the oceans. Do not litter! Do not pollute the sea!  This is what we constantly hear everywhere including on the television. The ocean is important for us, and our world. If you are wondering why it is important and why do we need to take better care of it, well, this article is perfect for you. 

PSV vessel Malaysia
PSV vessel Malaysia

In this article, I’ll be explaining why the sea is important for everyone. 




“There are no trees in the ocean”, you said. Well, you are right there are no trees in the sea. But, do you know that the ocean actually helps us to breathe. How? You are wondering, to explain it to you, there are many tiny microorganisms in the sea that actually contribute to the air that us human are breathing it in every second of our life. It is known as phytoplankton and they contribute almost 50% of oxygen to the Earth. Without their contributions, we would be having problems breathing due to the lack of oxygen. 


Reduce heat 


During summer many people will go to the ocean to cool off. That is what exactly our ocean is for, not only it will help us to cool off, it is also responsible to balance the heat in the world. The ocean will help to reduce the heatwave by absorbing heat from the sun. Without the help from the ocean, we would suffer from terrible heatwaves that can put our life in danger. 


Source of food 


We all know that there are many living creatures in the ocean. For example, we have fish, octopus, and also clams. These are some of the main sources of food for humans, and if the sea is being polluted by oils perhaps from the PSV vessel Malaysia, it can affect the quality of this food and if it’s being consumed by humans it will put their lives in danger. Especially after consuming food that is being polluted with unknown chemicals. 





There are many important living creatures in the ocean, some of them are not suitable for humans to consume but that doesn’t mean they are not important. Scientists have made research that many of these marine lives play an important role in biodiversity and if they went into extinction the balance of the biodiversity can be disturb. 


These are only little reasons why we need to take better care of our oceans, there are many more reasons as to why it is our responsibility to take care of our ocean. If our ocean is being polluted we will no longer be able to enjoy the cool water and all of the marine lives will be endangered. If we do not take care of our nature, future generations will not be able to learn and see the beauty of our Earth.