WordPress SEO Without an SEO Plugin

Do you want to improve the overall appearance and performance of your WordPress website? Well, some professional seo services would suggest using SEO plugins. SEO plugins can help you fulfill your business objectives. But, if you are not open into using any plugin, you don’t need to worry. It is perfectly possible to implement an SEO strategy efficiently without any plugin help.

How useful are SEO Plugins?

These are highly recommended solutions for digital professionals and publishers who can’t code. As we all know, the technical aspects of SEO deals with a lot of coding. These SEO plugins have the power to democratize web publishing.

SEO plugins are one of the safest approaches for publishers who are not willing to explore alternatives. Many important details are at stake, so it’s always best to settle with the most convenient solution.

Is it okay not to use SEO Plugins?

Some digital professionals and business owners refuse to use SEO plugins because of bugs. By doing so, you will gain more control of the website, and can still be happy and satisfied with the outcome.

Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Use SEO Plugins

1.It offers standalone solutions which are easier to maintain.

2.It offers faster WordPress installation processes without any unnecessary features.

SEO Features You Need for WordPress


This is one of the most beneficial SEO features. Incorporating structured data to it can help you get enhanced listings, in case you rank in the search engine page results. These enhanced listings can improve your click through rate. Remember, you can code a breadcrumb navigation even without a specific plugin.

2.Meta Description

WP Meta Description is an efficient feature that can help you improve your meta descriptions. Meta descriptions may not be considered as a ranking factor, but it can show  up in the search engine results pages, in case you rank.

3.Title Tag

Title tags may appear simple and useless, but it can highly affect your website traffic and SEO strategy. Learn more about this feature, so you can take advantage of its benefits.

4.Attachment Pages Redirect

Do you carelessly create web pages for each image attachment in your website? If yes, then this plugin can help you address the issue. It can restore individual attachments to their right behavior. The only thing you must do is install, then activate it. The problem can be solved in just a few clicks.

5.Redirect Manager

If you are not very comfortable creating redirects and editing access files, turn to Redirect Manager. This useful plugin can assist you in redirecting an old web page to a new web page.

Redundant SEO Plugin Features

1.Canonical URLs

Canonical URLs are created within WordPress. No need for an SEO plugin.

2.Sitemap Generators

Site maps are not really crucial for your WordPress website because Google crawls specific URLs through RSS links and feeds. Nevertheless, site maps are beneficial if you have implemented major modifications, and want search engines to discover them as quick as possible.

If you settle for a manually-generated site map, there is no need to install a plugin.

3.Keyword Research and Word Processing

WordPress is not the perfect platform for conducting word processing and keyword functions. When it comes to checking online content, it is highly recommended to utilize a real application and software program such as the Hemingway App.