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5 Web Design Trends That Can Leapfrog You to Success in 2018

We now live in the modern age where people use their smartphones more than their computers to access different websites. There is also some interesting technology that is slowly being used by different web developers in the hopes of attracting potential customers.

Whatever it is, you have to be on top of the design trends so that you could be ahead of the competition. Here are some of them that can surely leapfrog your site to success in 2018.

Responsive Design

Digital media can be viewed on larger displays and also on small mobile devices as well. Because of this, web designers and web development company should ensure that the website that they will create can be viewed optimally no matter what platform a person uses.

Responsive design can help you with this and it adjusts the contents of your page depending on what your visitors use to access the website.

Card-based Layouts

When a person uses their mobile phones, you want to make sure that whatever it is that you’re offering on your site can easily be accessed. This is where card-based layouts come in.

Have you ever used Pinterest before? When you access the app or its mobile website, you will be presented with cards for easier navigation.

This is why such a layout is key if you want to make the mobile crowd happy.

Employ the Use of Advanced Scrolling Mechanisms

Presenting your content in a linear fashion is, well, old-fashioned. You have to use dynamic scrolling to keep users engaged.

So, instead of just scrolling down to see more of your content, they could either swipe the screen left to right or you could present some cards so that users can choose to see specific points of your content, and so on.

Use your imagination and put yourself in your visitors’ shoes. How will you make your website more accessible in a way that caters to both the people who use their desktop computers and those who prefer to use their mobile devices?

Video-centric Ideas

A couple of years ago, Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, said that content is king. Although it has changed a bit through time, the main idea still remains the same.

One change that people are already adapting to is the use of videos as content instead of just purely text-based articles.

The thing about videos is that users can just sit back and relax while they watch whatever it is in the said medium.

Aside from that, using videos makes your website more interactive and dynamic and it will become livelier than ever.

So, instead of being a more text-based website, better use videos from now on.

Stop Using Stock Images

You’ve probably noticed that most websites make use of stock photos. This is highly discouraged since you will just be like the crowd, meaning, no originality. Plus, you run the risk of using the same stock photos, which will make your site just like the “rest of the pack.”

Instead of using stock images, why not capture your own? Again, use your imagination and visualize some key sites where you can snap a couple of photos for use on your website.