The Best Part of Mobile Application Development in Our Life

Did you know that with advances in technology nowadays all areas of life are made easier. Their presence makes all professions begin to penetrate into the digital world. Of course, this progress has not been fully understood by the community. Therefore, Mobile Application Development has a big role in welcoming the 4.0 revolution.Mobile Applicatio Development

What Exactly is Mobile Application Development?

Mobile application development is inescapable as the use of mobile apps grows. In order to survive the scourge of the times, businesspeople are also vying to develop their company through mobile application development. The process of creating applications that run on mobile devices is referred to as mobile application development. To put it simply, mobile application development is the process of creating smartphone apps. Later, developers must ensure that their programmes can run across networks with a variety of computer resources. 

For its implementation, this mobile application development uses two main platforms, namely Android and iOS. Android is a mobile application development platform from Google that can be used on various types of devices. Unlike Android, iOS is a platform from Apple that was made specifically for devices made by Apple only such as iPhone and Mac.

Given that users are divided into two platform camps, a mobile app developer is recommended to build an application according to the existing platform. Thus, the application can be used by anyone no matter what device they use.

How Does Mobile Application Development Work?

Mobile application developer is a profession in charge of developing mobile applications. some of their duties are:

  • Work closely with the team to improve functionality and innovate to bring new features to keep the app popular.
  • Develop the application interface using a programming language so that the application supports all kinds of smartphones.
  • Maintain and make changes periodically to maintain application functionality.
  • Understand client requirements, then translate them into application frameworks.
  • Discuss with clients in determining the best plan to achieve application development goals.
  • Ensure applications meet quality standards.
  • Testing the functionality, durability and user comfort of the application before it is marketed.
  • Fix bugs if any as soon as possible so that users are not disturbed.
  • Do not miss the latest technological developments by monitoring coding practices, concept development, terminology and others related to mobile development.

Skills Requirements for Mobile Application Development

Being an application developer you must master the programming language. In fact, that’s not enough, a lot of skills are forgotten because they are rarely talked about. To start a career in this field, at least you need to master the following abilities:

User Interface Design

One important element that mobile app developers must master is having the ability to design user interfaces. They are tasked with delivering a user-friendly, engaging, and easy-to-navigate app look.


As someone who works on building apps from scratch, you need to have more attention to detail. In the world of coding, just one space can make the application an error so that the application cannot be run.

Marketing capabilities

After the application is finished, of course you have to market and distribute it so that it can be downloaded by a wide audience. You can choose to put a price on the app or leave it free but use ads as a source of revenue.

Problem solving

When building an app, you’re dealing with at least one or two issues, usually caused by bugs. Of course the problem can’t be left running away. Like it or not, you have to swallow bitterness and find out the cause and try to fix it until it works. If you are stuck, you can ask your colleagues or look for answers on forums on the internet.