World’s Attraction You Should Visit After Pandemic

The whole world is facing the deadly impact of the novel coronavirus that has been officially named COVID-19 ever since early 2020. There are so many things that we normally do on daily basis yet are forbidden to do so after the discovery of the airborne transmissible virus. This is because of one of the main precautions to take in order to curb the virus from spreading like a wildfire, we need to learn to socially distance ourselves from one another. This means close contact with any other person should definitely be avoided at all costs. As has been mentioned, this virus can transmit through droplets and it travels via the open space of air.

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To prevent ourselves from being the surface the virus lands on, we need to normalise stand at least one meter apart especially when talking. We also have to avoid people who cough and sneeze publicly because it can spread faster that way. Not only that, face masks and hand sanitisers are compulsory these days. Due to all the precautions we need to take, it is advisable for us to stay at home. This results in many countries closing down their gates for travellers because of the possibility that they might bring in the virus along. A lot of tourism agencies are suffering financially due to the travel restriction bans that most countries have implemented first thing during the pandemic spike. 

Therefore, here are some of the best places you can go after the virus subsides. Over time while waiting for the right spur of the moment, you can use the ample time to gain as much money as you can using forex platforms that you can find out more on online forex broker malaysia.

The first location you need to go to rest your mind after almost one year and a half being cooped up in your room is definitely Sabah which is located in the Northern portion of Borneo and the East of Malaysia. If you are a huge fan of swimming in the sea with a variety of schools of fishes, this is the right place for you to be. Half of the world knows Sabah for its wondrous islands such as Manukan Island, Sipadan Island, Mabul and many more. You can also take a licensed diving class here and get back to your homeland as a certified diver who can be a legal instructor now.

Another world’s attraction you should set your foot on after the pandemic ends are the good old London city. That particularly classic city is a tourist place since day 1 where there are so many things to do and food to eat. You can find the whole world in one city and that is London. You should take a walk through the memories of the old London with its ancient architecture from decades ago, the infamous double-decker red coloured buses and the Big Ben. 

If you have the time, you should unquestionably visit Chile and other underrated countries because there are a lot more to uncover around the world.